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Mr Kong Fu, Confucius as he is known outside China, has dominated every aspect of Chinese life and society for over 2500 years.

These 5 programmes written and presented explore his influence on the history and culture of China up to the present day.

In these programmes our producer is threading his way through dynasties, science, art and the wonderful complexity of the Chinese social fabric, helps to explain what it all means. It is an unmissable story.



The Incredible true story of the Generals'plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
On July 20th, 1944, a bomb, planted by the high-ranking German officer, Colonel Clai von Stauffenberg, exploded in the briefer room of Wolfs Lair, Adolf Hitler's Front HQ.Although the device was plant only a few feet away from the Fuhrer, he miraculously survived to wreak vengeance on the whole German movement.

This is the story, horrific, tragic, but also at times almost comical of the most serlot attempt to assassinate the warlord. This is the story of Operation Valkyrie, the plan to kill Hitler, which he himself had approved.



Includes unique footage plundered by Russian Troops in 1945, this video collection gives a rare insight to how the German people accepted and lived through peace and war under HITLER and the THIRD REICH - a really comparable propaganda view of the Axis WW2 to that of "History of World War II" the famous Thames TVseries seen from an Allied perspective.

20 x 85 minutes - 2006 



It is the book written by Adolf Hitler in which he laid out his political philosophy. Regarded inside Germany as the bible of National Socialism.  In this film everything is taken from original footage and actually happened in our time. It tries to answer the burning questions, such as what exactly happened during this terrible time in our history and how it was made possible.

2006 -110 minutes 


Steam and Trains

Part of the new titles include some of the first stream trips.
Titles include: A last Look at Steam and Steam memories worldwide

100 Hours


s Freedom from asthma the natural way.

Working in association with some of Britain’s leading centres for complementary medecine we follow eight people,including a mother and her son,in their search for complementary no-drug therapies to treat their asthma.

ALLERGIES & Intolerance -Ways to Well Being

SILVER AWARD- New York - 1998

This film shows how sensitivity to food or environment can produce a host of sometimes unexpected symptoms;
It offers several solutions to the problem of diagnosis and shows a variety of complementary therapies.

WEIGHT- Get yourself a Healthy Body


This film concentrates on the results of a wide variety of therapies offered to people with weight problems.It looks at the links between weight and health and at the ways that complementary therapies can help you to tackle your weight sensibly and effectively.

Hitler's Third Reich 29 Programmes

Programme categories:-

1. Campaigns: total 12 programmes
Each programme is self-contained and describes the campaign in detail, plus the key personalities and weapons involved.

2. Military: total 6 programmes
These describe in detail particular aspects of Hitler’s war machine such as the U-Boat war, the Waffen SS, V-Weapons etc. Programmes are stand-alone or can be integrated easily into the campaign series with nil or minor re-work.

3. Social: total 11 programmes
These deal with the social, political aspects of the Third Reich. The topics are wide and varied and range from Hitler’s rise to power and concentration camps to the formation of the Hitler Youth and the final judgement at Nuremberg.


Modern Combat Aircraft series 14 x 60 minutes
I - West’s Fighters and Bombers-2 West’s Combat
Helicopters-3 - F-4 Phantom II-4 - West’s Naval Combat
Aircraft 5-Air War Vietnam 6 -US Air Power
7 -Soviet Air Power- 8 Harrier
9 - Reconnaissance and Intelligence Aircraft-
10 - Modern Missiles- 1 I - Future Combat Aircraft
12 - Air Combat Today 13- Tornado 14 - Stealth

Modern Land Warfare series 3 x 60 ‘
1 - Battletank . 2 - Mobile Warfare - 3 - Air Assault

Modern Naval Combat series – 3 x 60 ‘
1 - West’s Fighting Ships- 2 - Amphibious Assault
3 - Submarine Warfare

Action series 3 x 60 ‘
US Forces in Action- Rockets and Missiles-
Air War 2000

Avon series 3 x 60 ‘
Aces High -Fast Jets- America’s Fighting Might

Specials 2 x 60 ‘
Air War in the Gulf- Victory in the Gulf-
The Nation's Finest


Made with the co-operation of the US National Archives and the British Imperial War Museum- 6 hours -

Allied Fighters sweeps you into dogfights with Hurricanes and Spitfires against Messerschmitts during the Battle of Britain-.
Axis Fighters includes unique film coverage of the famous Messerschmitt Bfl09 and Focke-Wulf190, the Japanese Zero and Italian Macchis, as well as armed reconnaissance aircraft and machines which found their niche as ground attack aircraft, such as the Messerschmitt Bf 110-
Allied Bombers not only includes unique film coverage of the war-winning Avio Lancaster and Boeing B-l 7 Flying Fortress, but also puts you aboard the Wellesley and Whitley, the Blenheim and Hudson, the Wellington and Mitchell, the Boston and the Stirling.
Axis Bombers puts you into the cockpit of some of the most famous aircraft of the war. Share the crew’s tension as a Heinke) III crosses the English coast- experience the elation of a Stuka pilot as he scores a direct hit.
Allied Armour takes you right into the front line with American, British and Soviet tanks, self- propelled guns and armoured cars as they battle their way through North Africa, Italy, Normandy and the steppes of Russia, as well as through the islands of the Pacific, to hammer the aggressors into surrender..
Axis Armour puts you right inside the tanks as they drive into battle, with film coverage of the Panzers in both triumph and final defeat, with shots of the Panzer PzKpfw I through to the PzKpfw VT, including the famous Panther and Tiger, as well as self-propelled guns and armoured cars.


TRAVELS 10 X 52 minutes

Musical documentaries with no commentary

Andalusia , Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Egypt, Morocco, Lisbon, London , Paris, Madrid, Prague- Budapest- Vienna, Tunisia ,Sevilla, Rome, Venice

The production is made with a mix of still images and action camera.The original music
was made to measure for each programme.

The content of each programme of 52’ can also be used as short no-comment fillers of 3 to 5'.

NATURES SKETCHES 26 x 26 animals (3 to 5 mins)

A series of 26 short documentaries on 26 different
European animals, attractive, original, and
educational of 3 to 5 minutes duration .



FAMOUS COMPOSERS 17 X 35 minutes each

These biographies reveal the lives, careers, times of fourteen major musicians.
Illustrations, diary extracts, letters, conversations and their music recreate the period when they lived.
Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Haydn, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Puccini, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky,Verdi, Wagner, Ravel.

Russian version now available

FAMOUS AUTHORS 47 X 30 minutes each

These biographies reveal the lives, careers, times and literature of major American ,British & French authors. They contain Illustrations, diary extracts, letters, conversations, which recreate the period of their lives.

Jane Austen,  William Blake, The Bronte sisters, Robert Burns, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, George Elliot, William Faulker, Thomas Hardy, Ernest Hemingway, Henry James, Dr Samuel Johnson, James Joyce, John Keats, D.H Lawrence, Herman Melville, Eugene O’Neill, George Orwell, Edgar Poe, Sir Walter Scott, William Shakespeare, P.B Schelley, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, William Wordsworth, Scott Fitzgerald, G.B Shaw, John Steinbeck, Walt Whitman Victor Hugo, Swift, Yeats, Voltaire, Zola & Proust

New programmes in production
American Authors = Nathaniel Hawthorne, Thoreau, Edith Wharton, Tennessee Williams, Emily Dickinson
English Authors = Trollope, Wilde, Conrad
Europeans Authors = Goethe, Kafka,

Russian version now available