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In Elvis: Beyond Memphis we visit thirteen places in Tupelo which were a part of his childhood. We interviewed two of his childhood friends, Guy Harris and James Ausborn on the grounds of the Birthplace Park. At Lawhon Elementary School we interviewed Shirley Jane Gillentine. She competed with Elvis at the childrens talent show in 1945 and won. On camera she sang her winning song. In Nashville we interview two men who knew well Elvis the professional singer; Gordon Stoker and Ray Walker. Their interviewed was held inside historic RCA Studio B.

ELVIS MEMPHIS - 2 Disc Collectors Edition-160 minutes- 2007
BEYOND ELVIS MEMPHIS - 2 Disc Collectors Edition   -163 minutes -2007



Queen’s achievement has placed it amongst a mere half dozen or so bands across the globe that managed to sell more than a quarter of a billion discs, and have turned rock performance into an art form.

The members of the band came from across the country, and in Freddie’s case, from across the globe. But it was in London that it all came together for them, and it is their London we invite you to visit with us.


Regarded by many as the most important influence on the pop music scene, and as the leader of the ultimate super group, The Beatles, John Lennon’s significance has spread far beyond the rock’n’roll arena.

Despite having been demonized when he claimed that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ, Lennon, a supreme ironist, would have enjoyed the fact that he is now regarded as one of the most engaging humanists of the twentieth century.






The Beatles' London is without doubt the most detailed investigation of the legendary group at this point of their career, and is guaranteed to provide new insights both for the fan and the dedicated chronicler of the history of popular music.

Presented by Richard Porter, founder of the London Beatles Fan Club and author of the ‘Guide to the Beatles London’, the programme takes the viewer to the key Beatles’ sights of London, such as EMI Studio and the iconic pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road; Beatles’ homes in London; Decca Studios where the Beatles failed their audition and much more


In 2006, the city celebrated the raunchy and sometimes raucous sound that it helped to create in a key event entitled ‘The Hamburg Sound’.

This program is a record of that event, combined with visits to the streets as well as the alleys that welcomed and moulded the Beatles in the early sixties, interweaved with recollections of veterans of that heady scene.


With Spencer Leigh , Liverpudian  disc Jockey and Ray O’BRIEN, Beatles historian, we explore key Beatles’ sites, including the Cavern Club and the childhood homes of John, Paul, George and Ringo

At the same time, we meet personalities who made the Liverpool scene the epicenter of the sixties cultural explosion on location.

Available as 110 minutes concise version and 5 hours 30‘ full version.


BOB DYLAN ‘S –NEW YORK 140 minutes - 2008- 2 Disc Collectors Edition

The Greenwich Village Folk Scene & Beyond .

It was in new York that he was to change his name to Bob Dylan, and , after his conversion to the electric guitar, he was to remember New York in the bitter Positively Fourth Street. In this hit song, he replied to his friends that he’d made in the Fourth Street clubs.


124 minutes dvd version- 2 x 57 min Broadcasting
Already sold to the UK –DVD & Broadcasting-and USA

Before the release of the feature film in December 2007 - THE GOLDEN COMPASS, which could be the best fantasy movie, starring DANIEL GRAIG , EVA GREEN part of the last JAMES BOND cast - and also Nicole KIDMAN
as the beautiful Marisa Coulter.

Do not miss a chance to look at these two programmes on Philip PULLMAN
Philip Pullman's trilogy 'His Dark Materials' has earned him a place alongside other truly great writers for children such as Lewis Carroll, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling.

For some, he is already the leader of the pack, with the Guardian newspaper putting the question 'Is he the greatest storyteller of them all?' when Pullman was selected in 2004 as the Greatest Briton in the Arts. The National Theatre of Great Britain has twice run sell-out seasons of its adaptation of Pullman's trilogy.

This documentary is  a celebratory tribute to Pullman and his books, scripted by the well-known critic Nicholas Tucker, author of 'The Rough Guide to Children's Books' as well as 'Darkness Visible; Inside the World of Philip Pullman'. Through him, the company has secured an exclusive interview with Philip Pullman himself as well as contributions from friends, former teachers and many others fascinated by his work. 3-D animation combined with 3-D illustrations plus a wealth of location shooting makes this a highly entertaining as well as an insightful introduction for anyone of any age.


Constructed around an exclusive interview with the acclaimed author, Phillip Pullman, and scripted by his friend Nick Tucker, this documents Pullman’s life and works.

From the death of his father to his relocation to Wales and later Oxford, this programme gains valuable insight into the factors that have made Philip Pullman a household name.

In ‘Inside His Dark Materials’previous release, Pullman talked extensively about his much acclaimed His Dark Materials trilogy, but here the attention is focused on his other impressive works.
49 minutes







Marie Antoinette, the young and beautiful Austrian princess, who was strategically married into the French monarchy, the most prestigious crown in Europe, was to become the symbol for the wanton extravagance of the eighteenth century aristocracy and was to be France’s last queen. 

This is the story of the woman who became one of the most romanticized and tragic figures of history.
-68 minutes



To coincide with the US release later this year of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward,  Robert Ford , starring Brad Pitt:; a new documentary has just been completed about the aforementioned outlaw.

Filmed exclusively in the United States, this 70 minute programme visits sites such as the Patee House Museum, St Joseph, Missouri, the Jesse James Farm Museum, Kearney, Missouri and the First National Bank Northfield, Minnesota.

70 minutes- 2006


Find out about the wondrous land of Narnia, and why C.S. Lewis created it. Discover for yourself who the White Witch was supposed to be based on.Learn all about fauns, wolves, badgers and Aslan, and where they fitted in to Lewis’ world.

Focusing particularly on ‘The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe’, this entertaining and insightful documentary reveals the author and his works. Mixing exclusive location footage with fantastic full color illustration, 3D computer imagery, and a wide variety of interviews, bring both the worlds of Lewis and Narnia to life for children of all ages.



...rose up against Rome, and in doing so b ecame a symbol in later British consciousness of many things: of the ability to withstand oppression, of the courage of wronged innocence, and of the nobility of standing up against overwhelming odds. Ultimately her image merged in the Nineteenth Century into that of Queen Victoria and the island nation itself.BOUDICCA WARRIOR QUEEN examines the history and the myth of this queen of an obscure Celtic tribe who levied the greatest force ever put together in Britain... a force that dwarfed anything the British were to muster at one time and in one place until the grim trench warfare of
World War I.
How was this possible, and what forces were at work assisting her? These are just two of the questions investigated as we put together a picture of the times in which this woman, flogged by the Romans and with her daughters raped, issued one of the greatest challenges the Empire ever faced


The Caribbean during the golden age of piracy was a time of adventure, brutal lawlessness and butchery all to the sound of canon fire, the sea breeze and the clashing of cutlasses.Flamboyant figures on both sides struggled to maintain their grip on the Caribbean region and out of these struggles legends emerged: Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Anne Bonney and Mary Reade.

But what of the facts behind the legends? Did pirates really force prisoners to walk the plank, was there really a ‘JollyRoger’. What was life really like aboard a pirate ship and much more.

Find out the answers to these and other questions in this compelling programme that describes in detail what it meant to be a pirate



EDWARD JENNER- 60 mins- 2005

1798 was an important year for Edward Jenner, a country Doctor from Berkeley in Gloucestershire. Already a fellow of line Royal Society after discovering the anti-social nesting behavior of cuckoos, Jenner published a paper documenting his success using the mild cowpox virus to immunize his patients against smallpox.

This programme examines the life, and achievements of this great but elusive man, who changed the course of history. Follow in Edward Jenner’s footsteps around the beautiful Gloucesters=hire countryside, the-places of his childhood, fossil hunts and nature studies. See the London hospitals where he trained in the latest surgical procedures of the day, before returning to ‘The Chantry’, his beloved country home. This beautiful house, now the Jenner Museum, contains many of the instruments Jenner‘experiments as well as his letters and papers.

1798 may well have been an important year for Edward Jenner, but for the rest of the world it marked one of the major breakthroughs in medical history.


Jane Austen was born in 1775 and died in 1817. It may have been a short life, and seemingly uneventful, but for the world of literature it was a very valuable one. This programme takes us to the places which shaped Jane Austen’s vision, and inspired her to write some of the best loved classic novels worldwide. Explore Steventon, the village of her birth; find out what she really thought about Bath and discover Cassandra’s revelations about Jane’s mystery seaside admirer.

In her short life Jane Austen wrote six novels; ‘Sense and Sensibility’, ‘Pride And Prejudice’, ‘Northanger Abbey’, ‘Mansfield Park’, ‘Emma’ and ‘Persuasion”. These well loved English classics may have once been regarded as the province of the literature student, but due to recent film and television productions they have gained mass following on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jane Austen lived in a dramatically exciting period of English history. Although her six novels are more concerned with the manners of courtship, marriage and money than the social change and political intrigue of the time, there is a background steeped in Regency.

GEORGE ELIOT 60 mins-2005

Author of ‘Adam Bede’, ‘The Mill on the Floss’, ‘Silas Marner1, ‘Middlemarch!? and ‘Daniel Deronda’, she achieved mass popularity (Queen Victoria was among her readership), and was acclaimed by her literary contemporaries, including Tolstoy and
Henry James.

In contrast, Marian Evans flouted Victorian conventions by living with a man she was unable to marry, and by ceasing to attend church. She was refused entry to Victorian society, she was virtually banished by her family, and she never again saw the countryside of her youth.

THE BRONTE SISTERS- 60 mins 2005

When the Reverend Patrick Bronte moved with his wife and six small children to the West Yorkshire village of Haworth in 1820, few would have guessed the incredible story that was to unfold in the wild moorlands. This programme tells that story, charting the progress of the Bronte Sisters from their childhood writing collaborations with Bramwell, to their independent literary achievements which are acclaimed the world over.

All three sisters were first published in 1847, Charlotte Bronte with ‘Jane Eyre’, closely followed in a joint edition, by Emily with her one and only novel ‘Wuthering Heights’, and Anne with ‘Agnes Grey’. ‘Wuthering Heights’ shocked Victorian society, but its darkly drawn, evil hero, Heath cliff, went on to become one of the greatest romantic characters to be found in English literature.
Although all three were dead by 1855, the story of their short lives, played out behind a facade of Victorian respectability, is to many people, as fascinating and dramatic as their work.

DICKENS -2008= 3 X 110 minutes= Life-Works-Age

The foremost English novelist and the Victorian era and the city that shaped him.



This award winning series consists of:

Volume 1 Roe Deer
Volume 2 Red Deer
Volume 3 Fallow Sika and Muntjac
Volume 4 Trophy Heads
was filmed throughout the natural “home” territory

of these deer, namely the Scottish Highlands.

Each programme was filmed during the four seasons
of one complete year, covering the life, habitat and behavior of each of the featured deer.

Possibly the finest complete programme series
ever produced.


A unique film shot on location during a full year in the life of the Exmoor Hunt and Pack presenting a ‘fly on the wall’ expose on a very emotive subject at the present time .

Other interesting facets within the programme, include point to point horse racing: another very ancient and traditional event within the countryside - to major
foxhound and puppy judging events - similar to Crufts in the foxhound breeding world.

Fascinating footage of both horse and hound working together in exercise and learning the ropes and the rules required to ensure a safe hunt.

And then, quite magnificent views of the countryside with the fox and both horse and hound in pursuit.

FERRET 1 hour

A fascinating and unusual film on the life of the Ferret. including its habits and hunting skills as well as living alongside man as a pet

FISHING- 150 hours

We have a large collection of videos which explores all forms of fresh water fishing. There are videos to instruct and encourage the beginner as well as others with valuable tips for the more experienced angler.

There are also a few videos devoted to deep sea fishing and boat anglers.

Each video is presented by well known top coaches and champion anglers.